Filipe Borges is a brazilian artist based on the Cape Cod (USA) since 2020.

+ 13 Countries traveled

+ than 15 years experiencing photography

+ 10.000 hours in social projects

+ than 300 students graduatend in his school until 2018

Nomad since 2009

• Founder of the “Colmeia Studio” of photography(2014)

• Founder of the “Fotografe” school. Sete Lagoas/MG(2015)

• Hospital Clowns Volunteer Photographer (2011 / 2013)

• Photojopurnalism Civil Conflicts in Brazil in 2013

• Photography and Life Purpose Course in Prison Systems in Minas Gerais.

• Co-Founder of the Sonhar Project – Sete Lagoas/MG (2013)

• Participant in the Belén Festival (PERU), project by the Ministry of Culture. (2013)

• Photographer of the “Projeto Sonhar” action in Schools, Nursing Homes and Nurseries - Gesteira and Barra Longa/MG after the collapse of the Fundão Dam (MG)

• Project "Photographic Record" in cities affected by the collapse of the dam in Minas Gerais

• Photographer at the Belén-PERU Festival (2016) by Projeto Sonhar

• Creator photographer of the project “Clown Collection” - 1st stage. (2016) (funds raised by Collective Financing)

•  The “Resistance of Smile”: Smile at CNH is released throughout Brazil (2017)

•  Completion of the Project “Collection of Clowns” - Belén/Peru Festival (2017)

• Co-founder of the Minha Casa Colorida Project, in partnership with the construction company GrandCorp and the Dream Project

• Creator of the Garimpo Project, in partnership with Mestre Saúva.

• Volunteer at the Patch Adams Clown Doctor Gesundheit Institute in West Virginia (2020)

• Photo auction for Mestre Damião, capoeira master in which he lives in a situation of social vulnerability. 2 frames sold in the USA. (2020).

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